The systemic bond

Systemic binding in detail

All members of a family, both living and dead, are bound together in a common, greater soul, a "family soul." This "family soul" acts as a higher authority that watches over the entire clan.

We can certainly imagine the "family soul" as something like an independent organism, an entity with its own mode of action, with its own laws and regulations. If these orders are violated by family members, this instance works to compensate for this violation.

The "family soul" does not tolerate exclusion. To do this, she uses any, mostly younger family members, i.e. the descendants. She doesn't forget anyone and keeps an eye on the whole, which is why she can appear unfair or even cruel to the individual who is "obligated" by her.

There is no justice here, only systemic attachment. The bonding forces show up as love in a constellation, whether it is something destructive or something growing. This becomes particularly clear when it comes to topics such as death, violence and illness.

In the course of the systemic structural constellation, the relationships in the system are corrected:

  • Excluded or forgotten family members are given their rightful place in the family
  • Inherited feelings and orders are given back to where they belong
  • The dead are said goodbye
  • Responsibilities between parents and children are clarified.

In this way, the original image is gradually rearranged and changed, and in the process changes from an image of a problem to an image of a solution. In most cases, the inner experience in the family constellation is enough for a constellation person to solve his problem; real action is seldom necessary.

On a deep, mental level, a systemic structural constellation brings relief and opens up new possibilities and freedom. And since the family is a system in which everyone is connected to one another, there is also a chance that an attitude changed by the systemic structural constellation or a new inner picture at one point in the system will change the whole thing permanently.


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