Cognitive Rebalancing

New Therapy: Ayur-Veda and Psychotherapy as Cognitive Rebalancing

Diagnostics and healing with cognitive rebalancing

Cognitive rebalancing is a particularly effective form of therapy that uses elements of the 6,000-year-old teachings of the Dravidians - known as Ayur-Veda.

In addition, elements of NLP, constellation, hypnosis and trance are also used.

It follows the principle that, for example, the wrong career choice can lead to an imbalance and ultimately to an illness. The disease is "only" the symptom and thus usually the visible signal for the patient to act. With the help of cognitive rebalancing, the causes of imbalances are identified, resolved and new paths developed.

Cornelia Labandowsky developed this effective therapy in her own practice and has refined and perfected it over the years.

Cognitive rebalancing is a therapy that I have developed and refined over the years during my many years of training in the areas of Ayur-Veda, neuro-linguistic process work (NLP), hypnotherapy and systemic constellation work.

Cognitive Rebalancing is based on the teachings of the Dravidian Ayur Veda and shows my deep roots in the teachings of the Indian Dravidians, which is one of the foundations of this form of therapy. "Cognitive" refers to the recognition of the causes of a disease, which is also a prerequisite for treatment in the case of the Dravidians. "Rebalancing" means that the aim of this therapy is to help the patient return to their original (or even new) equilibrium. In addition to these training courses, I have been a state-approved naturopath with my own practice for over 25 years and have recognized in my work that my patients can best be helped through a combination of the above-mentioned specialist areas. I hand over the patient with the above

The basic idea of ​​Dravidian Ayur Veda, namely that health always arises from the balance of body, mind and soul, is also the basic assumption of cognitive rebalancing. I always treat the causes of the disease, the symptoms either disappear in the course of this causal research anyway or their alleviation is supported with the help of homeopathy, acupuncture and drainage methods.

It is important to show the patient where the journey can lead, to support them in taking completely new paths in their lives in order to be able to live in inner balance. The symptom is always a kind of signal from the body that there is an imbalance. If these signals (symptoms) are overlooked, the body will “think up” a stronger signal until something drastic happens. If it's not too late then.

I have written a book about the therapy form of “Cognitive Rebalancing”. More details on therapy and practical examples can be found in this book.

Cognitive Rebalancing“ by Cornelia Labandowsky was published in March 2015 and can be downloaded under ISBN no. 978-3-7347-7527-7 Available in bookstores everywhere.
The book costs € 6.99 and € 2.99 as an e-book.

Link to order from or

Hypnosis and trances

At the Sonnenhof I work a lot with hypnosis, trances and catathymic imagery.

In order to get to know our unconscious processing processes in the brain, to use them as signposts and to be able to set resource anchors, I initially work with light trances. This gives the patient the opportunity to look into the inner images.

In the case of health problems, especially recurring pain trauma, I use hypnosis to allow the pain quality to be perceived differently.

In change processes I use Leuner's catathymic picture experience. An officially recognized therapy method that comes from Dravidian Ayur-Veda and helps the patient to discover and change their inner spaces.


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