Dravidian Ayur-Veda

The Dravidian Ayur-Veda is the oldest healing method in the world.

Developed more than 6000 years ago by the Dravidians - an ethnic group in southern India - it characterizes the element that has been preserved to this day.

She sees herself as the harmonious balance between inner and outer natural forces. In Dravidian Ayur-Veda, illness is interpreted as a sign of imbalance. The so-called Prana-Veda - the knowledge of energy - contains three forms according to Ayurvedic principles: the spiritual, the mental and the physical level.

In various modules, the participants learn applications and techniques to restore balance. Of course, this only applies to minor disturbances of well-being, because Prana-Veda clearly distinguishes between these applications for self-treatment and many years of training as a therapist.

Among other things, the production and handling of flower essences will be learned and the use of warm earth energy and cool cosmic energy will be brought closer to the participants.

Our head of institute, Cornelia Labandowsky, has specialized in Dravidian Ayur-Veda, among other things. For 20 years she has headed the institute for holistic healing methods in Schwackendorf. She is an alternative practitioner, systemic couple and family therapist (DGSF, EFTA) and DVNLP teaching coach and trainer and European psychotherapist (ECP).


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