Systemic farm structure constellation

Systemic farm structure lists in detail

The systemic farm structure constellation is based on the principles of systemic constellation work. It is now being used very successfully worldwide in companies and organizations to "untie knots" and enable new paths and developments.

With this very pragmatic, effective form of therapy work, solutions are found quickly and usually in one session, which have a positive effect on the entire business and the family living there. Because the challenges and problems that farms face today are diverse and greater than ever.

In addition to the radically changed economic situation, this is also due to the fact that these farms were mostly inherited over many generations. Problems and experiences of previous generations are passed on like legacies and burden the economic process. This constellation work has often been able to provide trend-setting support for upcoming company handovers or takeovers!

How do I make my farm successful?

  • Why do my animals keep getting sick?
  • What do I do with my parents' farm in the future?
  • How can my farm survive today?
  • and much more…

Dates and prices on request.

Download the registration form for a constellation at the IGH Sonnenhof in Hasselberg, fax or mail it to us, or use the form below.

Publication of the photos for this page with the permission of Michaela Gimm. Thanks very much!


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