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Questions and answers on the systemic structure constellation

What is a systemic structural constellation?

The systemic structure constellation is an area of ​​the systemic constellations. In contrast to system constellations, systemic structural constellations assume that no systems, but only structures (also of systems) can be set up.

The process of a systemic structural constellation

The "host" of the constellation conducts a preliminary talk in order to find out exactly what the client's concerns are and to conclude a contract with him.

The person who brings the request now selects the individual representatives (persons) and places them in the room in the way that is right based on the intuitive feeling of the person who brings the request. In this way, the people become a symbolic part of the system set up.

Problem areas in the "system" that they symbolically embody can now be recognized via the feelings of the persons presented (phenomenon of the so-called "representative perception").

  • The effects of changes in the system can be tested by “position work” (changing the arrangement of people).
  • Further changes can be achieved through “process work” (e.g. by saying sentences or performing rituals).

After completion of the constellation work, a follow-up discussion is held. If necessary, the structural constellation can be continued or repeated in one of the following sessions.

The peculiarities of the systemic structural constellations

Leading a systemic structural constellation means not knowing (forward-looking or interpreting) what is happening, but rather as a "host" to design the process for the client. There is largely no interpretation on the part of the leaders.

The results of the work are created in cooperation with those who bring the concerns, who can also bring in their own ideas, perspectives and questions during the constellation work.

Structural constellations are "solution-oriented". The basis for this is the method of solution-focused brief therapy, which was developed in the 1970s by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg.

Abstract elements can also be set up, for example "What is still missing" or "What would then be there".

So why a farm structure constellation?

A farm structure constellation is particularly useful in the following cases and has also been used successfully in the past.

  • You have existential problems in running your business and are looking for new forms of use in order to regain effective profitability for the future.
  • Is there an acute generational problem? With the help of the farm constellations, they manage to understand the entanglements in the family and to organize them accordingly.
  • You want to increase your turnover, but at the same time prevent the "sucking out" of the soil or the animals? We will show you ways to improve your economic situation without "exploiting" resources.

The seminar locations of the farm structure constellations

East coast of Schleswig-Holstein:
The farm structure surveys for the east coast of Kiel, Flensburg and Angeln take place in the IGH Sonnenhof in Schwackendorf / Angeln.

West coast of Schleswig-Holstein:
The farm structure surveys for the West Coast/Denmark area take place at the Beerbekhof in Riesbriek

Working group for farmers
Initiated by Cornelia Labandowsky, a working group for farmers was founded around the animal healer Michaela Gimm. This meets at regular intervals for exchange, communication and the possibility of own farm structure constellations, which is carried out by Mrs. Labandowsky.

Accommodation options for longer seminars
The usual duration of a constellation is usually one or two seminar days. If you have to travel from further afield, we also have accommodation options for you.

Dates on request
If you are interested in further information on the farm structure lists or the working group for farmers, please contact us!


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