Over 25 years of experience

Cornelia Labandowsky studied photography and film production at the College of Art and Design in Bournemouth and worked as a photographer for several years. After completing her training as a physiotherapist, holistic couple and family therapist and naturopath, she opened her practice and institute for alternative healing methods on October 1, 1995. She has been treating patients in her practice for naturopathy and psychotherapy since 1995.

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In addition to her practice, she has been running the institute for holistic healing methods since 1995  with the main topics: systemic work (couple and family therapy), systemic structural constellation work, coaching & NLP, and Dravidian Ayur Veda. Cornelia Labandowsky's most important training and professional qualifications are listed below.

Physical therapy
1981 - 1984Training as a physiotherapist
1987 - 1995Training as a medically certified lymphatic drainage and edema therapist, sports physiotherapist, in acupressure, migraine therapy and foot reflexology
1988 - 1993Employed as a physiotherapist for REHA patients in Damp
System Couple and family therapy
1991 - 1994Training as a systemic couple and family therapist at the Schönwalder Institute for Family Therapy
ls systemic therapist/family therapist certified member of the DGSF e. V. (German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy e.V.)
1992 - 1995Training as a naturopath (Heilpraktikerschule Kiel)
Practice for naturopathy and psychotherapy
since 1995Management of his own practice for naturopathy as well as couple and family therapy certified member of the DGSF
since inceptionMember of the German umbrella organization for psychotherapy (DVP)
26.11.2013Awarding of the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP – European Certificate of Psychotherapy)
July 2014Admission to the E.F.T.A. (European Family Therapy Association)
December 2014Member of the Trauma Network Initiative
Institute for holistic healing methods IGH with seminars
since 1995Management of an institute for alternative healing methods with a focus on the topics of systemic work, coaching & NLP, Dravidian Ayur-Veda and systemic structural constellations
1996Classical homeopathy (15-month course, school for classical homeopathy, Kiel)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Korean Hand Acupuncture
09/1999one-week TCM course: Guang An Men Hospital Beijing, China
1999 - 2000Training in TCM & Korean hand acupuncture
2001Advanced training in constellation diagnostics using Korean hand acupuncture
Dravidian Ayur-Veda
1996 - 1997Two-year Dravidian Ayurveda course
1995 - 2008Regular courses in Dravidian Ayur Veda in Germany
1995-2008Training in Dravidian Ayur Veda in Thiruvanathapuram, India with Dr. Anand, B. Sc B. A. M. S.
2003 - 2004Training for wingwave coaching
seit 2004Various wingwave training courses, license for wingwave training
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Process Work) trainers and teaching institutes

including Prof. Dr. Barbara Schott (, Dipl.-Psych. Martin Haberzettl (, Bernd Isert (Metaforum), Richard Bolstad (New Zealand), Robert Dilts (NLPU, Santa Cruz), Dr. Stephen Gilligan ( Ericksonian hypnotherapy/Self relations therapy, California) und Lucas Derks (Social Panorama)

1999 - 2008NLP training & assistance to become a practitioner, master, coach & trainer
since 2004Recognized NLP trainer, DVNLP / recognized master trainer from IANLP Switzerland
since 2008Recognized teaching coach, DVNLP
Recognized NLP Master Trainer, IN (NLP Teaching Trainer, IN)
Recognized Coach Master Trainer, ICI (coach-teaching trainer, ICI)
since 2005Management of NLP training courses in seminars
since 2020Member of the Mental Space
Hypnosystemic Therapy
04/2006Hypnotherapeutic aspects of systemic structural constellations (Dipl. Psych. Insa Sparrer)
2006Clinical Hypnosis, Compact Course, (Ph. D. Stephen Gilligan, Bernd Isert, Dr. Henning Alberts)
2007 - 2008One-year training in hypnotherapeutic communication (SySt-Institute: Dr. Hans-Jörg Ebell, Dr. Luc Isebaert, Dipl. Psych. Norbert Loth, Dr. Gunther Schmidt, ead of the Department of Systemic-Hypnotherapeutic Psychosomatics at the Hardberg Specialist Clinic, Head of the Milton Erickson Institute, Heidelberg)
2010Hypnotherapeutic communication (Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller, authorized for further training by the Bavarian State Medical Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychotherapeutic Medicine)
2015Further training: Hypnotherapeutic Communication, Munich, Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller
2016Further training: Hypnotherapeutic Communication, Munich New ways for advanced – Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller
2017Further training: Future Space, Abano Therme, Italy, Metaforum review summer camp 2017
2017Own lecture about NLP in Paris
2017Further training: Hypnotherapeutic Communication, Munich - Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller
2018Further training: Hypnotherapeutic Communication, Munich – Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller
2018Member of the NLP Leadership Summit
2018Training: Metaforum summer camp, Abano Therme, Italy
2018Further training: Medical hypnosis & medical communication
2018Further training: Hypnotherapy for trauma and abuse, Milton Erikson Institute Hamburg with Dipl. Psych. Ortwin Weiss  "Hypnosystemic Concepts" – program
2019Further training: Hypnotherapeutic Communication, Munich – Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller
2019Recognized lecturer at the Steinbeis Academy since February 1st, 2019
2019MEG – Milton Erickson Society Annual Meeting, Bad Kissingen, program
2019MEG – Milton Erickson Society “Jubilee Congress – 30 Years MEG”, Viennaprogram
2019Advanced training: Metaforum summer camp, Abano Therme, Italy Complete programme
2019Advanced Training: Hypnoanalytic Ego State Therapy – Dr. Jochen Peichel
2019Further training: Hypnosystemic Communication KomHyp, MEG Rottweil
2020Member of The International Society of Hypnosis
2020Further training: Use of crises as an opportunity with Dr. Gunther Schmidt in Hamburg
2020Advanced Training: Hypnoanalytic Ego State Therapy – Dr. Jochen Peichel 
2021Further training hypnosis B4, Hamburg
2021Ego State Therapy 1-6, Dr. Woltemade Hartmann
2021Further training: Metaforum summer camp, Abano Therme, Italy, Lucas Derks
2021Ego State work in theory and practice, Jochen Peichl
2021Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks
Training as a systemic structure constellator/further training in systemic work & coaching

among others at the SySt Institute, Munich with Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibed & Dipl. Psych. Insa Sparrer (development of the systemic structural constellations)

01/2003Systemic Coaching, Bernd Isert, Tom Best, ( Metaforum)
08/2004Systemic Structural Constellations, Budapest (Varga von Kibéd & Sparrer)
04/2005Professional coaching, Bielefeld (Robert Dilts)
08/2005Team & Conflict Coaching (Martina Schmidt-TangerThies Stahl)
08/2005Provocative Coaching (Martina Schmidt-Tanger)
10/2005Systemic structural constellations for learning processes (Varga von Kibéd & Sparrer)
12/2006Solution-focused interviewing (Dr. Joachim Hesse, Dr. Luc Isebaert)
05/2007System integration: new ways for change (assistant activity, trainer: Bernd Isert)
04/2008Success Factor Modeling, Nuremberg (TWINN Academy, Robert Dilts)
11/2008Gateways to Freedom: Self-Relationship Therapy, (Ph. D. Stephen Gilligan)
04/2009Energy work & perception in family constellations, Austria
04/2009The New Family Constellation, Austria
10/2009Problem/solution/tetralemma constellation (Varga v. Kibéd & Sparrer)
03/2010Solution-Focused Work with Trauma, (Yvonne Dolan, world renowned for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy; co-pub. with Steve de Shazer: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Today.ISBN 978-3896706287)
03/2010Solution-focused systemic structural constellations (Dipl. Psych. Sparrer)
06/2010Syst intensive, Syst Tools, Munich (Prof. Dr. M. Varga v. Kibéd)
11/2010The body as a resource in trauma therapy, (Dipl. Psych. Hélène Dellucci, works in private practice in France mainly with trauma patients)
06/2011More than Miracles, Munich (Yvonne Dolan, Varga v. Kibéd & Sparrer)
06/2013The coach as a change variable, Sylt
01/2014Family constellations, Bad Zwischenahn
07/2019Two-week assistantship with Prof. Dr. Matthias von Kibed and psychologist Insa Sparrer, Metaforum summer camp for systemic structural constellations


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