Seminar center

The Sonnenhof is the seminar center of the Institute for Holistic Healing (IGH) in Hasselberg, headed by Cornelia Labandowsky.

Cornelia Labandowsky is an alternative practitioner, DVNLP teaching coach, NLP Master Trainer IN, Coach Master Trainer ICI and since the end of 2018 also an IANLP trainer who is entitled to seal.

Certified couple and family therapist DGSF, member of the European Association for Family Therapy EFTA and holder of the European Certificate for Psychotherapy in the European Association for Psychotherapy ECP.

Current worldwide recognized certificates:

DVNLP certificates
IANLP Trainer certificates
FWW certificates

Further information: NLP training, DVNLP + IN Institute + ICI + IANLP
In our facility we offer you the opportunity to broaden your horizons both personally and professionally.

  • The speakers set new impulses for a holistic view of the human being in a connection between normal medicine and natural medicine in their subject area.
  • The care at the Sonnenhof is individual and always tailored to your person
  • Support is provided individually (coaching) or in groups (seminars, workshops and constellations)

It is our concern to place the personal potential of the individual in the foreground. In addition, we offer you effective therapy methods, help for self-help and suggestions for using these topics successfully in your professional practice, be it in medicine, in business or in life.


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