Start – Sonnenhof

Welcome at the IGH Sonnenhof – Sun Court

The Sonnenhof (Sun Court) is the seminar centre of the Institute for Holistic Healing Methods (IGH), headed by Cornelia Labandowsky and situated in Schwackendorf, Germany.

Cornelia Labandowsky is a Healing Practitioner, a DVNLP Coach Trainer, DVNLP-Coach, NLP Master Trainer (IN), Coach Master Trainer (ICI) and a Couple and Family Therapist DGSF. DGSF* – German professional association for Systemic Therapy Further information: CERTIFIED DVNLP + IN INSTITUTE + ICI

At our centre, we offer opportunities to challenge and expand your personal and professional horizons.

  • Our teachers drive new perspectives for converging traditional school medicine and alternative healing methods in their field of work, always based on holistic view of the person in terms of physiology and psychology.
  • The care extended to every participant is individually tailored to their needs.
  • Developmental work is done one-on-one (Coaching) or in groups (seminars, workshops and constellations)

Our declared goal in all of this is a strong emphasis on every person’s potential for learning, growth and development. Highly effective therapeutic methods enable this process, including self-help, ideas and practical tips for implementing your learnings successfully, be it in your professional environment in medicine, say, in business, or in your personal life.