Report on the 2018 NLP Leadership Summit

The NLP Leadership Summit began in 2012 as an experiment to answer the question: Can those of us who have been in the field for 15 or more years as trainers or leaders get together and explore the future that we want to create?  We began in London during the NLP Conference because many of us had met there for many years.  What we discovered was that we all shared a common vision about quality, credibility, standards, etc.

Two years later we took a bold step and agreed to meeting for 3 full days in a Summit to address the common problems we all face.  We planned it in 2014 and then we made it happen in 2016 in Alicante Spain.  Those of us there found it a highly enriching experience and so we planned another 3-day Summit.  This time we doubled our numbers and expanded into many more countries — 23 in all.

 We have now completed the 2018 Summit with 75 to 80 leaders, 15 were “sponsored” by a member.  Those 15 were “young NLP Leaders” who we sponsored as a way to mentor those with less than 15 years as a “leader” in preparing them as the next generation leaders.  With the Summit members we have 14 NLP National Associations represented.  At the 2018 Summit, we had one of the original three founders, Frank Pucelik, two from the very beginning— Robert Dilts and Terrace McClendon and several others who have been in NLP from the late 1970s and 1980s.

 What really stood out I think to everyone was quality of the people present as well as the shared vision and values among us.  We held what is called a colloquium— a guided information conversation designed to enable us to understand and appreciate each other more.  Our aim was and is simple — to associate with one another.  And yet we all have a vision of one day having a unified international body, an umbrella organization that can coordinate our efforts, enable us to do so much more together than alone or apart, and to have a way of encouraging compliance to the ethical and training standards.

 What came out of the Summit this time?  Similar to the previous Summit, various work groups have been organized to work on a variety of issues— standards, ethics, media response, technology, fourth-generation NLP (we are now in the fourth generation), membership, designing ideas for an international body, etc.  What we would eventually like to do is to create an international umbrella body that would be able to embrace all of the Associations.  This should have been done 40 years ago, but it wasn’t.  And we all sense that the time has come to remedy that.

 Unlike so many meetings that we all attend, one thing about a group of action-oriented leaders, is we tend to get things done.  After the second Summit, we created a website, .  We set up a process for those recognized as “leaders” in the field who can sign-off on the NLP description and values and who has 15 years of being recognized as a “leader” to be welcomed into the Summit.

 The next Summit will be 3 or 4 days, January 9-12 and unless we find another place, we will return to Alicante, Spain.  And eventually I’m sure that we will host the Summit in various places all around the planet.

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Alicante January 2018