Systemic connection

The systemic connection

The fundamental premise of systemic constellation is the idea that all members of a family are linked into one greater consciousness, the “family soul”. We can imagine this as an autonomous organism with its own rules and ways of working.

If these rules are broken by any member of the family, the system will find a way of restoring its balance. It will use any member of the family to achieveteaser_fam_aufst this, often the next generation. It never forgets anyone and always functions at an overall level, which is why it can seem arbitrary or even cruel to the individuals affected.

No justice is at work here, only systemic connection. The forces at work manifest as love, independently of its effects as destructive or constructive. This is particularly visible when it comes to issues relating to death, violence and disease.

During the constellation process, the relationships in the system are re-balanced

  • Excluded or forgotten family members are given back their appropriate place in the family
  • Transferred feelings and tasks are returned to their actual owners
  • Goodbyes are said to those departed
  • The allocation of responsibilities between parents and children are clarified

Thus, the original picture shifts and changes and turns from being the reflection of a problem to that of a solution. In most cases, the inner experience of the client is enough to solve the problem, taking direct action is rarely necessary.

At a deep, spiritual level the family constellation can release the client to open up new possibilities and freedom. And as the family is a system that connects all its constituents it is possible that an alteration in one part of the system (of an attitude or a new inner visualisation of the situation, for example) can change the entire construct.