Farm constellation

Farm Constellation in Detail

Animal and farm constellation work is based on the same principles as all systemic constellation.  It being used very successfully in organisations and companies all over the world to ‘untie’ knotty problems and find new approaches and paths for development.

This pragmatic and effective form of therapy finds solutions often in one session.  These can have a profoundly positive effect on the enterprise as a whole and the families living there.

The challenges faced by agricultural enterprises today are more varied and greater than ever before.  The changed economic situation as well as the long chain of inheritance from generation to generation are at the heart of this development.

The problems and experiences of earlier generations are passed on through time and become a burden that stands in the way of running the enterprise efficiently today.Goals and questions addressed by the farm constellations often include:

  • How do I make my farm successful?
  • Why are my animals falling ill again and again?
  • What shall I do with my parents‘ farm in the future?
  • How can my farm survive in today’s economic climate?
  • And much more…