Ayur-veda & therapy

Diagnostics and Healing with Cognitive Rebalancing

Cognitive rebalancing is a highly effective form of therapy, which combines elements of the 6,000 year-old teachings of the Drawids (commercially known as Ayurveda) with NLP, hypnosis and systemic work.

It is based on the premise that an incorrect choice, for instance of the wrong career, leads to imbalance and, potentially, to illness.  The illness then functions “only” as the symptom and as a sufficient impulse for the patient to act.

With the aid of Cognitive rebalancing, the causes of imbalance are identified and resolved, and new paths for development are found. Cornelia Labandowsky has developed and perfected this effective form of therapy over years of leading her own practice.

Classic Ayur-Veda

“The knowledge of Life”

Drawidic Ayur-Veda is a Holistic Therapy.  Ayur-Veda is the ancient Indian art of healing, which is not the same as the generally well-known and popular Ayurveda.

Translated literally, Ayur-Veda means “knowledge of life”.  The knowledge of the causes of illness is at the centre of this.  Unlike in Western medicine, research into the underlying causes is given at least as much (if not even more) importance compared to the treatment and prevention of illness.

The original Ayur-Veda works on the basis that the symptoms of illness are warning signals which show us where someone has become imbalanced.  These signals tell us to look after ourselves and review the way we live.

It should be stressed that Ayur-Veda does not in any way reject conventional medicine in its work to understand underlying causality, it simply puts more emphasis on this diagnostic approach.

Animal Ayur-Veda

We will open up new ways of connecting with your animals, creating a deeper bond between human and animal.

The 6,000 year-old Drawidic Ayur-Veda perceives humans and animals as levels of energy.  Negative events, stress and experiences block the flow of this energy.

Learn about techniques for treating stress-related illnesses like colic, knotted muscles and back-problems.

The symptoms of illness always indicate that something is not right on the mental-spiritual level.

Working together with animal health practitioner Michaela Gimm, of the Centre for Natural Animal Health, this series of seminars will introduce the fundamental teachings of Drawidic Ayur-Veda and its concrete application for any animal.  The seminars have been designed for practitioners in the field but will also greatly benefit the interested layman.

Specific content:

> Introduction to the work with energy and chakras
> How to make and use flower essences
> Kundalini massage
> Aromatherapy
> Homeopathy and plant medicine