Practice for alternative healing and psychotherapy

Cornelia Labandowsky

is an alternative health practitioner (FDH*), a systemic couple and family therapist (DGSF**), a DVNLP coach, trainer and teacher, a health coach and an expert in the field of Drawidic Ayur-Veda. She also is a European psychotherapist with the European Certificate of Psycotherapy (ECP).

She has been leading a successful practice for alternative healing and psychotherapy for 20 years, with a particular focus on chronic conditions.

She has also been head of the Institute (IGH) for 20 years. This offers a platform to patients and clients that allows them to open up to the possibilities of change and to understand what has caused their imbalance in the first place, mentally, spiritually and physically.

In her work, she draws upon holistic treatment methods which influence all of these levels.

Cornelia has lived and worked in England for many years and is fluent in English.

FDH* – professional association of alternative health practitioners in Germany

DGSF** – German professional association for Systemic Therapy