Our trainers and partners

Our trainers and therapists in detail:

Cornelia Labandowsky

  • Healing practitioner and homeopath
  • Systemic couple and family therapist (DGSF)
  • Teacher trainer and coach (DVNLP/IN/ICI)
  • Specialist therapist for Drawidic Ayur-Veda

Prof.Dr.Matthias Varga von Kibed and Dipl.Psych. Insa Sparrer

Prof. Dr. Barbara Schott

  • NLP Teacher trainer and coach
  • DVNLP Teacher trainer and coach, ECA
  • INLPTA Trainer
  • www.nlp-schott.com

Dr. med Dieter Schmidt

Martin Haberzettl

  • Psychologist (Dipl. Psych.), licensed Psychotherapist
  • Member of the Board for German NLP based Psychotherapy
  • NLP Teach trainer / Conflict manager, etc.
  • www.haberzettl-schinwald.com

Prof. Dr. Susanne Edinger

Prof.Dr. Marco Ronzani, CH-Basel

  • Solicitor, Mediator
  • Organisational Development
  • Coaching, Training
  • www.ronzani.ch

Our partners:

Kryspin Staron

Florian Grolmann

  • “House of Competence” Berlin, Hamburg, München
  • Team development
  • Business strategy and organisational consultancy
  • Conflict management
  • Systemic organisational development
  • www.organisationsberatung.net

Workshop Moderator Gut Ludwigsburg

  • Stud farm, horse breeding, riding school, horse + carriage rides
  • Seminars
  • Cultural events, festivals
  • Farm shop
  • Café
  • Close to the Baltic sea, private beach
  • www.gut-ludwigsburg.de