NLP-Practitioner (DVNLP + IN/ICI)

NLP Practitioner (DVNLP) Training

Modern NLP is like a psychological toolkit of highly effective communication tools.

Over the course of 10 weekends (equals 10 teaching modules), we will introduce you to a series of easily comprehensible models describing human perception and understanding (information processing).

You will find out which drivers direct our individual perception and how we can significantly improve our inter-human communication and our personal development potential. You will have the opportunity to practise what you have learnt during peer days (practise days).

On successful completion of your NLP training you will receive an internationally recognised certificate with the official seal of the German Association for NLP (DVNLP).

All NLP training at IGH Sonnenhof complies with DVNLP standards and are certified accordingly. You will have many opportunities to try out real life scenarios for coaching, training and consulting in a protected environment. Within your training group you can practise your NLP skills.

Contents of your NLP Practitioner Training:

Pace and lead
Eye patterns
States and calibration
Anchoring and macro strategies
Meta models and micro strategies
Timeline and moving from challenge to solution
Reframing the Milton Model
Logical levels and metaphors
Phobias and allergy techniques