NLP Master (DVNLP)

NLP Master (DVNLP/IN) Training

A prerequisite for the Master course is an NLP Practitioner Certificate recognised by the DVNLP/IN. At the Master level, the contents from the practitioner training are covered in more depth und anchored in a more complex context.

Furthermore, we add new modules and methods from the NLP syllabus. Participants develop the skills to change limiting convictions, values and self-perceptions to reflect the person’s aspirations, life style and their private and professional situation.

teaser_masterThe goal of our NLP Training is a deep comprehension of the concepts of NLP and complex NLP methods, to enable you to deploy these professionally. NLP methods are systematically transferred to the coaching and consulting context to allow you to direct coaching processes effectively as well as guide your clients through periods of transition and significant change.

In contrast to the practitioner training, this course is focused in its work on the levels of identity and belief systems.

Every participant will experience fundamental changes in themselves during their time on the course, an important part of learning the relevant skills. The results of the training will be the ability to connect different NLP concepts in a flexible, creative and meaningful way to find an optimal solution for each case.


Contents of your NLP Master Training:

Values, value hierarchy, deep motivation
Value hierarchy, belief systems and how they change
Deep and sustained belief changes: re-imprinting
Complex sub-modality patterns for working with identity: younger self, re-imprinting
Social panorama
Meta-programs, motivation and deep belief changes
Meta-programs, information and strategies
Milton model and metaphors
Core Transformation


On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Master certificate from the DVNLP/IN.